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Deborah Duren-Smithey

Web Site Design and Management


Do you want to have your own web site? Let me design one for you! My charges are affordable and fair compensation for my time. I want this service to be accessible to small and medium sized businesses, families, and other groups.

To keep costs down, I will charge an initial set-up fee plus an annual fee. The site will belong to you. There will be no advertisements on the site unless you want them there. Next year, you can take your site elsewhere, or keep it with me.

I want every site I build to be beautiful, of course, but there are several other goals I have for my web sites. I want them to load quickly. Many people have slow dial-up internet access. Fast loading pages are more enjoyable than ones you have to wait a long time to see.

Website visitors should be able to find the information they need quickly through an easy navigation system. And finally, I want to achieve as high a rank as possible on search engines. This is a challenge. It takes the right combination of title, URL, keywords, etc. to get a good ranking on search engines.