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About Red Cedar

We love red cedar!

Eastern Red Cedar is a fast growing prolific evergreen with fragrant wood and pale green to dark green to rusty colored foliage. The color of it's heartwood ranges from deep purple to red to pink. Red cedar is found throughout central and eastern North America. Although they are called cedar, they are actually a variety of Juniper, Juniperus virginiana! It is considered a nusciance tree by many farmers and landowners. Red cedar quickly takes over abandoned pastures, fills fence rows, and sprouts along road sides. It will grow in almost any type of soil, from rich river bottoms to rocky cliffsides. 4

Cedar trees have many, many uses! They are useful for erosion control, due to their fibrous root system.5 The berries of cedar trees are used to flavor gin.2 Cedarwood oil is used in fragrances. Landscapers and gardeners use cedar chips and shavings for mulch. Pet owners use cedar shavings for pet bedding.

Cedar has been used for almost every kind of furniture, but perhaps the most well known use is for building cedar chests, wardrobes, and closets.5 The smell of cedar is renowned for keeping clothes moths out woolens and linens.1 It has been shown to be non-toxic, while at the same time repelling cockroaches and firebrats.1 Cedar is commonly used as fence posts and poles because they are very resistant to decay, even when buried in soil.

We feel aromatic eastern red cedar is the best species of tree for building log homes. It's the only one we will use!

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